Why Wait?

Q-KANGAROO is an APP that allows users to select, pay and collect their coffee shop order without waiting in a queue. My brief was to create a simple, memorable icon that could eventually function alone without the name, EASY!

I decided to design a Q that was also a KANGAROO.  I hope the symbol I designed speaks visually for itself.  The colours came from an Aubergine I spotted in LiDL.  The rich purple and lime green of the leaf make a dramatic contract and suited the brand perfectly. Strange where I sometimes find inspiration. Q-KANGAROO is currently on trial at Dublin Airport and will release very soon in coffee shops nationwide.  Visit www.qkangaroo.com for more information.

Our brief to Eamon was to create an icon that is visually self sufficient, articulating the APP name. His solution was smart in its simplicity, instantly effective and memorable”. 

Niall WisemanDirector

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