Social Media Management

All businesses and organizations  should be active on social media year round. Active social media accounts help build brand awareness and steadily grow loyal ‘Followers’. If a brand is continuously active on social media, they are constantly increasing their follower base and expanding the brand. They are also building loyalty with their follower base by engaging weekly with those followers by giving them fresh content and by highlighting their follower’s content.

What We Offer

  • Weekly compilation of content for posting
  • Graphics – All graphics for social media catered for
  • Social media notifications and messages answered weekly
  • Attracting new followers by engaging with people who show an interest in similar brands
  • Posting across each brands social media accounts 2 – 3 times a week (videos, industry news, fun facts, exhibitor news and progress)
  • Engaging with followers – retweeting, commenting, sharing and liking followers content weekly
  • Highlighting the brands work on a continuous basis and tagging them across the social media accounts
  • Cross promotion of the brands other social media accounts
  • Promotion of the brands website on social media to help boost website traffic and help with SEO rankings

Initial Set Up

  • Social media accounts created
  • Graphics created for new social media accounts.
  • Links + Icon to the 3 social media accounts added to Brands website.

Building Out

  • Initial relevant content posted on social media accounts detailing what the Brand has to offer
  • Relevant online news articles, write-ups and videos to be highlighted and linked to from the social media accounts

Attracting Followers

  • We will need to search social media for relevant people/accounts to follow and engage with in order to get them to follow us back and grow our follower base. This has to be done on a daily basis.
  • Positively highlight individual people/accounts who aren’t following us on our social media accounts. This will help build brand awareness and entice those people/accounts to follow us back.